When you need a doctor, you typically seek out a board certified medical doctor because they have the experience, training, credentials, and the license from the state to practice medicine. You do not go to an herbalist or other nontraditional source of medical care.

Similarly, if you have a legal, accounting or tax problem, you do not count on the paralegal or bookkeeper to solve your problem, but instead retain the credentialed and licensed lawyer or CPA.

Why is it then that so many people trust their control systems to people that do not have the experience or credentials to perform the work?

Granted, learning how to program a PLC is a skill that can be picked up by anyone who is reasonably intelligent, which is why the field of control engineering and systems integration is filled with people who started out their careers as electricians or technicians, learned a little about control systems, and are now out offering their services to companies, doing design and implementing control systems.

So what certifications are available in the control engineering and systems integration field?

Control engineering and systems integration are sub branches of the general field of engineering. Just like doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. the states license who can legally practice engineering. The following is an excerpt from the statutes of the State of Kansas defining what an engineer is.

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